Barnes Family

Cheryl and Jeremy Barnes applied for Habitat’s homeownership program
in the fall of 2020, after Cheryl’s mother Sandy encouraged them to apply. Cheryl’s mother Sandy lives with her daughter and son-in-law, sharing a
2-bedroom basement apartment  Cheryl says it was such a blessing when they were accepted, that it almost felt “too good to be true!” Cheryl has two children, Josiah age 15, and Faith age 11.


Cheryl is in the Nursing Program at IUSB and plans on graduating in December of 2022. She has completed almost 300 sweat-equity hours.
She also works for Tender Love Care as a home health care worker.
Jeremy currently works for Keystone and hopes to complete his degree in
IT after Cheryl graduates.

They describe their current housing situation as dark, dank, and unsafe due to a lack of air circulation.  They look forward to the pride of homeownership and having a place they can call home, and having space to host family dinners, friends, and engage in family fun.  Cheryl says that “without Habitat, homeownership would still be a pipe dream.” 


Photos by JB Photography 

Throughout the process, Cheryl, Jeremy, and Sandy have learned a lot about construction, and enjoyed building community with the other volunteers in a “laid back, learning atmosphere,” and they feel confident in their ability to maintain their home because of what they have learned from Habitat.  Cheryl said working with the other volunteers reminds her that there are still good people in the world, no matter what is going on in the news.  If she could share one thing that she’s learned with the world it would be “Don’t talk yourself out of even trying, take a leap of faith…and just try.”