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Clason Family Build

Clason Family

Valerie Clason applied for Habitat's homeownership program in 2021 because she no longer wanted to rent but wanted to become a homeowner and be independent, not relying on handouts.

Valerie has been a property site manager at Center Management for six years. Unfortunately, she is only able to afford a two-bedroom apartment with assistance. She lives with her sons, Jacob, 19, and Philip, 22, both of whom have learning disabilities. Their apartment is not large enough for their needs, has appliances that don't work correctly, leaky windows and doors, and is too expensive.

She learned about Habitat's homeownership program through the Elkhart Housing Authority. Once accepted, she began working on her 250 sweat equity and saving for her downpayment.

Valerie enjoyed working on her "sweat-equity" hours and helping to build other Habitat families' homes. She shared that it has given her the confidence to face any challenges she may have from being a homeowner. She has chosen a lot in Goshen on 9th Street and is looking forward to working on her own home. "If you can build a house, you should be able to fix a house and keep learning as you go."

She is impressed with how the community steps forward to help others. As a result, she is ready to have more space, live a quieter life, and sit outside safely. "Being a homeowner means being successful in life and having security and stability," she shared. "If you have a dream, it's achievable if you just keep stepping forward."

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