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Curry Family


In the fall of 2019, McKenna Curry, a single mother of one, applied for Habitat’s Homeownership Program because she needed a safe and affordable place to live.  McKenna and her 5-year old daughter Na’vayah live with her mother in a rental that needs multiple repairs and is unsafe.

McKenna first learned about Habitat’s Homeownership Program through LaCasa. She was 19 years old at the time and was unsure if she would be selected into the program because of her age. A few months later she received the news that she had been accepted into the program, both surprised and excited she quickly began to work towards her 250 “sweat-equity” hours and to save for her down payment.

McKenna has been employed with Navarre Hospitality Group as a Banquet Captain/Server for three years. She bought her first car when she was 17 and is proud to say that she never missed or made a late payment.

She chose a lot on Crawford Street in Elkhart, near several parks. Construction on her home is scheduled to begin the fall of 2020, with support from community volunteers and corporations.

McKenna has demonstrated a strong work ethic and works hard to achieve her goals. “I am doing this for my daughter,” she shared, “and for myself, this home will be mine.”

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Photos by JB Photography 

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