Gonzalez Family


Guadalupe and her four children; Dulce (9) Janzary (8) Zyanya (3) and Amaru (2) have always depended on someone else to provide housing for them, and it was not always a comfortable or loving environment. Guadalupe’s goal is to provide her family with their own home. A home where all five of them did not have to sleep together in one room. A home they could call their own and not be subjected to verbal and emotional abuse. A home where they can feel free to be kids. This is what Guadalupe wants for her family.

Guadalupe works nights at Kem Krest to eliminate the cost of babysitting. She enjoys being a mother and spending time with her children. Whether it’s watching a movie with her “babies” or having “girl time” doing each other’s nails. Since Guadalupe works nights, she makes it a priority to have her family sit down to an evening meal together. 

Guadalupe went back to school and got her GED last year. “I walked across the stage”. She is quite proud of this accomplishment. Her goal is to continue her education and become an EMT.

Guadalupe learned about the Habitat Program from another partner family while they were picking up Toys for Tots. Her favorite part of the Habitat Program is the bond that she developed with the other partner family members in her class. She felt that the budgeting classes were very helpful.  She now knows a better way to spend her money.


A Habitat home means “moving forward and closing a horrible chapter in my life”. Guadalupe’s Habitat experience began the week before she graduated which brought a scream of joy at the news. Then it got even better. She got notice of her panel build on her birthday, which brought tears of joy. Guadalupe is grateful for the opportunity of owning a home through Habitat.

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