Smith-Beachy Family

Syrinity applied for Habitat’s Homeownership Program in the fall of 2019 because she was discouraged while looking for safe and affordable housing for her and her children. Her rent was too high, her family had been through several major changes and she wanted to offer her children the stability of their own home.

Syrinity was familiar with Habitat’s Homeownership Program, her mother is a Habitat homeowner, when she attended a Habitat community meeting to learn how to apply for the program. She doubted that she would be accepted into the program, and couldn’t believe it when she learned that she had been, “I didn’t tell my family for a few days because I was waiting for them to say they made a mistake.” Syrinity is now so excited, “This is an amazing opportunity for our family.”

Syrinity is self-employed as a massage therapist, she started her own business a few years ago to allow her flexibility with her schedule so she could be with her children, Promise 10 and Liam 8.


She chose a lot in Goshen on Hickory Street, near West Goshen Elementary. Construction on their home is scheduled to begin in November of 2020, With support from the faith community, community organizations, and Habitat partner families. The Smith-Beachy home will be the Faith Build home.

The home will be a new beginning for the Smith-Beachy family, “Our home is and will be filled with laughter, music, and love. The Lord has blessed our family abundantly.”

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Photos by JB Photography