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Sorensen Family


Jamie applied for the Homeownership program in the Spring of 2021. Jamie and her children, 11-year-old son, Jaysean, and 6-year-old daughter, Keely currently lives in a three-bedroom apartment that has a lot of safety issues.  In fact, Jamie once got locked in her bathroom for hours when the doorknob fell off!  She used some ingenuity and a pair of tweezers to free herself, MacGyver-style.


Jamie is a 30-year-old Medical Assistant who has worked at Indiana Pain and Spine for the past three years. She first learned about the Habitat home-ownership program from a friend who was able to purchase her home through the Kosciusko Habitat.  Since then, another close friend of Jamie’s was able to have a house built last year.  In fact, Jamie will be building her house right across the street from that friend and right next door to another close family friend!  

She is excited to have safety and stability for her kids and knows that owning a home will present some challenges, but she’s excited to learn.  Jamie said her financial education and homeownership classes were “so fun,” and she feels like she learned a lot and obtained a lot of resources.  She enjoyed the construction aspect of volunteering, even though she wasn’t so sure about it at first.  She says “I’m a construction worker, you know?” She even worked on a roof, even though she’s afraid of heights! 

Jamie loves getting to know the other volunteers on the job site, “just being out there, around everybody; it’s a good time…they’re so nice.”  Jaysean and Keely are excited about the house, even if it is further away from Grandma’s house. 


Photos by JB Photography 

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