Partner Family Spotlight

Steffen Family Continued

Melissa had wanted to find a new place to call home for her and Brayden for many years, but it was difficult to find an affordable home with just her single income. She saw an ad for Habitat’s Homeownership Program in the paper and decided to apply. Melissa never expected that she would be accepted into the Habitat Program.  “I was in shock when I got the call.”

Melissa is a Direct Support Professional at ADEC, an organization that serves individuals with development and intellectual disabilities.  She has worked there for fifteen years, and she loves it.  “I’ve been really blessed with the clients that I have,” she says.  “If I’m not working, I’m doing housework, or I’m doing something with my children or grandson.”  Melissa’s two adult children, Tyler and Lindsey, live close by and the family enjoys spending time together.  Melissa babysits her grandson, Jasai (2), in order to help Lindsey.  Due to the mold and lead in Melissa’s home, she would always babysit him at Lindsey’s home. 

Her son, Brayden, is a “straight-A-student” who loves games, computers, and animé. “Brayden is a genius,” Melissa says.  He even built a computer last summer.  Brayden plans to attend college upon graduation to become a computer engineer. 

For Melissa, being accepted into the Habitat Program has been a “blessing.” She has already completed sixteen weeks of homeownership courses and over 200 hours of sweat-equity.  Melissa and Brayden are looking forward to the day construction on their Habitat home can begin.  The conditions of their rental home have recently become so bad that it is now uninhabitable.  She and Brayden have been forced to move into a one-bedroom apartment until their Habitat home is built. 

Construction on their home in the Wa-Nee school district is scheduled to begin this winter.  Melissa says that the affordable mortgage payment along with the safety and stability of their new Habitat home will be an enormous, positive change and give her “peace of mind.”

Melissa and Brayden Steffen