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Warlick Family

Warlick Family 

Amber Warlick, a mother of three, applied for Habitat's homeownership program in 2021 when a friend encouraged her to apply. Unfortunately, her rent has become unaffordable, her utility bills are high, and there is not enough space for her and her daughters, Cadence, age 18, and Cassidy, age 17.

Amber has worked in the service industry for years but has dreams of becoming an independent bartender and opening her own private event bartending service.

She knows that owning her own home will give her family stability, and she looks forward to having a place where they can have a pet if they choose to. Amber has appreciated the homeownership and financial education classes and learning how to budget and plan to better her financial credit. "Homeownership is a dream. Everyone wants to own their own home," she shared, "but it's difficult getting out of the cycle of rent."

Amber has enjoyed the "process" of Habitat's program. She enjoys volunteering at the build sites, "I felt like a Habitat ambassador. When volunteers find out I'm in the program, they ask me many questions, and I get to talk about what it takes to become a homeowner. It's the best feeling knowing that people want to help, and they realize how hard you work to get this. It restores your faith in humanity."

When asked what advice she would give someone considering applying to Habitat's program, she said, "Follow and trust the process. You work at your own pace, and don't compare yourself to the other families. It's not a race. It's a journey."


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