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White Family


Dominque applied for the Habitat’s Homeownership program in the fall of 2020 with the hope of owning her own home and living in a safe neighborhood. Dominique and her daughter Amiyah are currently living in a rental home in an area where she doesn’t feel safe.

Dominique learned about Habitat’s program through a family member. She was very excited when learned that she was accepted into the program in early December, “I felt like my hard work paid off.” She began her financial education classes, saving for her down-payment, and working towards her sweat-equity hours right away and by March of 2021 was ready to select her lot.

Dominique works for Granger Oral Surgery as a Dental Assistant. While working full time she has also been putting in her sweat-equity hours by volunteering in the ReStore and building on the current Habitat home. “I enjoy meeting and working alongside the volunteers. They give great feedback and positive energy while working at the site.”

She is excited to begin this next new chapter of her life with her daughter. Living in the West Goshen Neighborhood near West Goshen Elementary, having a safe place to live and afford will be a dream come true.

Dominque and Amiyah 2021.jpg

Photos by JB Photography 

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