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Cervantes Family Build

Cervantes Family

Jacqueline, often called Jackie, is a single mom with three kids. Her son, Jessie, is 13 years old, her daughter Ilean is 12, and her youngest, Dalary, is just two months old. Jackie is employed at Forest River, where she has been working in the "final finish" department for the past three years.

They live in a three-bedroom apartment, but the primary issue with their living situation is their lack of stability. As a single mother, Jackie is determined to provide a secure environment for her children, a responsibility she undertook at a young age.

Jackie learned about Habitat for Humanity through her son's school principal and decided to check it out. She initially heard positive remarks about it being a great organization and program. When she found out they were accepting applications, she decided to apply even though she wasn't sure she'd qualify.  However, Jackie was accepted into the program in the fall of 2022.

Before starting the homeownership program, the idea of owning a house and managing a mortgage felt overwhelming to Jackie. Yet, as she participated in the program classes, it began to feel like the right decision. Owning a home is important to her because it will provide the stability she lacks while living in an apartment. It will enable her to save money and escape the constant worry of rising rent. Her aspiration as a single mother is to be able to take a vacation with her children.

When she received the news of her acceptance into the program, Jackie felt relieved and had a newfound motivation to become a homeowner. She said, "An affordable mortgage means being able to do more things with my kids and accomplish more as a family," she shared.

One of the highlights of Jackie's journey has been building relationships with the volunteers and staff involved in the program. It brings her great satisfaction to know that some of these individuals will also contribute to her house's construction. Looking back, she said, "The journey has been an adventure and a great experience. I've learned a lot and will be sad to say goodbye when it's completed."  If she could advise the next group of prospective homeowners, she would encourage them to "Stay consistent, stay motivated, and plan for your future."

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