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Reynolds Family


Cosbie is the single mom of four kids, Ava -age 10, Adriel – age 9, Mal'ahki – age 5, and Adalina – age 3. Their family currently lives in an apartment in an unsafe neighborhood; their patio door was shot out while the family was home. She wants to provide her family with a safe home in a safe area.

Cosbie currently works as a home health aid for MMJ Life Services. She was accepted into the homeownership program in 2022 and, since that time, has completed over 200 sweat-equity hours and is saving for her down payment. Cosbie grew up in a Habitat home thanks to her own mother's hard work, and she is excited to give her kids stability and opportunities in life.  

Habitat Homeownership feels like "the start of a new life" for her and her kids, shared Cosbie, "This is an opportunity to make good memories with the kids instead of just getting by day-to-day." Participating in the Habitat program has taught her so much about saving, budgeting, and planning for the future. She said that she has also learned how to be patient and persevere.  

Cosbie advises new partner families going through the program, "It may feel like a lot and is very trying, but don't give up. Having a home is everything."


Johnson Family

Miesha Johnson is a 23-year-old nursing student and single mom.  She has a 1-year-old son, Jonathan, and a baby girl on the way.  Miesha is currently working as a home health aid, assisting physically challenged or elderly patients with day-to-day living.

She and her son live with Miesha’s brother in a two-bedroom apartment where she and her son share a room where space is limited, and the rent is too high for her budget.  Miesha learned about Habitat from her cousins, Courtney and Alexis Harris, who are both Habitat Homeowners.  She thought the program sounded like an excellent way to secure a stable future for her family.  When she heard that she was selected, it was “emotionally overwhelming” because she would be the first in her immediate family to own a home.  She knows that being a homeowner means she will have something to pass down to her kids and provide stability in their lives.

She’s looking forward to family dinners, holidays, and activities without worrying about the neighborhood or finances.  Miesha knows that an affordable mortgage means she won’t have to live paycheck-to-paycheck anymore and can finally be able to do things as a family and help her kids explore a little more.

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