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Taylor Family


Qwatecia is a single mother of six, Carolyn – age 13; NaStacie- age 11; DeQwan – age 9;
DeQuincy – age 7; Ahmed – age 6; and Amina- age 5. Their living situation is crowded; their family lives in a 3-bedroom apartment. She wants to be financially stable and knows that through Habitat’s homeownership program, she will be able to provide shelter and have no fear of becoming homeless.


Qwatecia was accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program in the fall of 2022. Since then, she has completed homeownership and financial education classes and nearly 200 sweat-equity hours.

Qwatecia works for the State of Indiana as a State Eligibility Consultant, helping families in need of services. She wants a home closer to work and in the same school district her children are in now. She loves the schools they are in currently because the school provides services to her son with emotional and behavioral issues.

When Qwatecia found out she had been accepted into the program, she cried; she had sacrificed so much and worked so hard on budgeting. “As a single mother, a home will bring peace of mind knowing that my kids will have their own space and a place where we can make memories.” She also shared that she looks forward to her children having a yard to play in.

When asked what she learned from the program, she talked about the ability to manage a home and fix things on her own. She also has enjoyed getting to know the other partner families in the homeownership program. Qwatecia chose a lot in Habitat’s Hope Ct., where these families will become her new neighbors.

She is excited for her home to be part of the Faith Build. "I believe in the Almighty God and believe that we are all on a journey to live honest lives, no matter our religion. We all want love and equality."

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