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Raise the Roof Builds for two families

Habitat relies on our community's support to secure the necessary funds for constructing high-quality, safe, and affordable homes for families eligible for our homeownership program.

During last year's 2023 Raise the Roof event, the Reynolds and Johnson families experienced overwhelming support. Every participant in the event played a pivotal role in transforming their aspiration of homeownership into a tangible reality.

This year's Raise the Roof event aims to raise funds for building two Habitat homes for the Leonard and Smith families. Through the combined efforts of teams, sponsors, and attendees, these families will receive the priceless gifts of stability and hope.

Meet the Families
Brandie Leonard.jpg

Brandie, a devoted mom of four, struggled for years living in a cramped, leaky mobile home. Through Habitat for Humanity, she is on her way to owning a safe and spacious home, empowering her family to break the cycle of poverty. Through Habitat's financial education classes, Brandie can now manage her finances confidently, especially knowing that her affordable mortgage will allow her to save more money, affording them their dreams of hosting family gatherings and taking vacations. She looks forward to a future filled with hope.


Kayla, a dedicated autism technician at Journey's Autism Center, juggled raising three sons in a cramped space. Inspired by another Habitat for Humanity family's success, Kayla applied for the homeownership program. She said that she cried with joy when she was accepted. Building their own home has become a family affair, with Kayla discovering a love for construction and her son Hayden eyeing a career in the construction field. Kayla looks forward to a future filled with possibility in their new home.

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