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Cortez Family

In 2020, when Guadalupe Cortez was just 20 years old, her mother passed away and she was left with the difficult decision to take on guardianship for her six younger siblings. But, to Lupe, it wasn’t a choice at all. She jumped right into the role and has been caring for her brothers and sisters ever since. Now, at 22, Lupe is about to become a homeowner through Habitat.

Her family is the driving force behind her through this process. She said she “wants them to have a place to call home” and to be able to achieve the dream of homeownership her mother had. 

Lupe currently shares a room with her three sisters, Kimberly, 15, Donita, 10, and Arlene, 8. Her brothers, Josue, 16, Alexander, 13, and Oscar, 11, are split between the living room and another bedroom.  The family is most excited about having their own spaces and beds, and the kids have been saving their allowances to decorate their rooms!

Lupe has been a Bilingual Member Relations Specialist at Interra Credit Union for over a year. She says she is grateful and excited for the opportunity to own a home and have a place for her family to grow up with stability.


Photos by JB Photography 

Lupe was involved with LaCasa, taking the financial classes and learning about homeownership before starting with Habitat; Krystal with LaCasa encouraged her to apply.  She has learned so much while working on homes and in the homeownership classes — she says she “took so many notes.” Lupe has enjoyed volunteering and completing her Sweat Equity hours so much that she even has a friend regularly join her on the site.

Watch this video and learn more about the Cortez family, 

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